New Kudos academic communication service is launched

There’s been an interesting development in the Research Media office, we’ve been talking to Kudos and have decided to get together to offer a new pilot service to the research community. The service will offer Kudos’ publisher partners professional verbal and visual summaries, and if successful we’ll also explore the launch of these services for the individual researcher market.

Who are Kudos?

Kudos is a digital research dissemination platform that helps researchers and their institutions and funders to maximize the visibility and impact of their published articles.  Through this ‘plain language’ platform broad audiences who struggle to understand formal research communications can keep up with scholarly and scientific advances. It’s a natural home for Research Media’s lay summaries and infographics, which are similarly aimed at broadening the audience for research. If you don’t know Kudos check out their website.
Lay summaries are a great tool to help make research to stand out, and are proven to drive both readership and engagement with primary research articles. We aim through this partnership to help the organisations communicate their research and increase the visibility of their work through the use of various channels and different media.

Partnerships that Matter.

Charlie Rapple, Sales and Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Kudos, says: “The partnership enables Kudos and its publisher partners to create professional lay summaries on behalf of selected authors, for example to support non-native English speakers who may feel less confident about explaining their work in less formal language, or to acknowledge the success or loyalty of authors whose publications are attracting attention.”
Check out the Kudos website for more information about their services.