Guidelines for campaign usage

An integral part of the promotion of research is the development of a strong, relevant and consistent visual identity to support the new Global Research Themes and Research Priority Areas.

These guidelines will help you follow the new visual direction of research at the University.

There are three levels of communcation:

  • University level
  • Global Research Theme level
  • Research Priority Area level

Each features three main components:

  • The new identity and research strapline: World-class Research
  • The supporting typographic line, specific to your research area
  • A new GRT colour palette


Each identity is supplied in three formats, one for print and two for digital.

.eps – for professional use only and can be supplied to the relevant design agency working on your collateral.

.jpg – for digital use, can be inserted into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
.png – for digital (web) use only (features a transparent background).


Accompanying Logo

There are a few rules regarding usage of this campaign identity. The identity, regardless of level, should always be used in its entirety and acompanied by the University corporate logo.

It must not be distorted, no elements should be separated and the colour cannot be changed.

The identity must always be smaller than the University logo. To achieve the correct ratio please see the above guide.

Exclusion Zone

Text height measure determines exclusion zone, no other elements should be placed within this area.

Size Guide

A3 size = maximum 40mm pentagon width

A4 size = maximum 30mm pentagon width

A5 size = maximum 20mm pentagon width

Incorrect Usage

✘ Incorrect Colour

✘ Incorrect positioning of inner pentagon

✘ Incorrect colour format

✘ Distorted outer pentagon

University Level

The University level identity should be used in full colour. However, when required, it can be used in black or white for mono application.

GRT Level

At GRT and RPA level, each identity has its own set of colours: dark, medium and light tints to be used across print and digital.

For AA acbessibility online, only white text can be used on the darkest tint. Black text must be used on all other tints.

Cultures and Communication

Digital Futures

Health and Wellbeing

Sustainable Societies

Transformative Technologies

RPA Level

There is an identity for each Research Priority Area. Available for both print and digital usage.

Cultures and Communication

British Identities

Creative and Cultural Industries

Health Humanities Industries

Heritage and the Digital

Languages, Texts and Society

Rights and Justice

Digital Futures

Data Driven Discovery

Digital Health

Modelling an Uncertain World

Understanding Human Behaviour

Health and Wellbeing

Antimicrobials and Antimicrobial Resistance

Brain Health across the Lifespan


Chronic Inflammatory Disease

Healthcare Technologies

Musculoskeletal Health in Ageing and Wellbeing

Regenerative Medicines and Stem Cells

Translational Biomedical Imaging

Sustainable Societies

Agriculture and Food Security

Governance and Public Policy

Industrial Biotechnology

Life in Changing Environments

Marine Economy

Rights and Justice

Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Transformative Technologies

Advanced Molecular Materials

Advanced Manufacturing

Aerospace and Transport Technologies


Quantum Systems and Technologies

Sustainable Chemicals

All Assets

To download all brand assets in a zip file click here