Improving academic communication

The University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham was seeking to appoint print and digital design agencies for a three-year framework worth £5 million. Crucially, agencies joining the roster needed to align their outputs with the University’s corporate and visual identity, upholding the integrity of the institution’s brand and positioning. It was also vital that a strong relationship could be forged with any partner.

The University has an exceptional reputation for research, and with 20% of its income drawn from research funding, it was seeking to create impactful communications that went beyond student recruitment.

We provided an opportunity for the University to align itself with a creative agency that clearly understood its strategic priorities through a deep-rooted understanding of academia and communicating research.

Having been invited to join the roster, a trusted ongoing relationship with the University was established, and, as a result, over 60 projects have been undertaken to date. The University of Nottingham’s strategic goals are now supported by a team of talented creatives, strategists and project managers with an inherent understanding of the processes and priorities of its research staff.

Following careful consultations over the strategic goals for the University, a coherent identity for the research arm of the organisation was developed.

Further branding work saw us create a visual identity that symbolised the collaboration between the University of Nottingham and fellow Russell Group institution the University of Birmingham.

We produce a diverse range of outputs for Nottingham, from infographics to annual reports; wall graphics to campus maps. Working across a variety of faculties, departments and priorities we are proud to work with the University, producing creative communications that support and enhance their strategic goals.