Translators in the communication of research

Monash Imaging CoE

As a young and progressive institution with an optimistic outlook, Monash University in Melbourne strives to make a difference in all that they do. Monash is known for producing research that has an influence beyond the academic community.

When the Centre of Excellence in Advance Molecular Imaging (Imaging CoE) initially approached us to support their research communications strategy, we were clear that all creative outputs must deliver on the overarching research goals for the institution: excellence, relevance and impact.

Establishing a strong working relationship with the Imaging CoE was integral to the delivery of their communications strategy. Before undertaking any projects, we worked closely with the team to select the most suitable vehicle for communicating their research findings and contributions to the University’s strategic plan.

The priority that emerged was an Annual Report for the Imaging CoE – a 60-page document designed to communicate a clear breakdown of the Centre’s accomplishments to key stakeholders. Next, we undertook a full website redesign focusing on improving user experience and engagement, and, as part of a multi-channel approach, the Imaging CoE’s newsletter template was also redesigned.

we worked closely with the team to select the most suitable vehicle for communicating their research findings
We created a range of bespoke illustrated images that could serve the dual purpose of being used on the website and in print literature, and to support visual outputs we created and wrote a schedule of news and media releases.

Following our design, newsletter click-through rates doubled, and the Centre had an illustration featured on the cover of The Journal of Biological Chemistry for the first time.

Our relationship with Monash has grown and evolved since our first collaboration. We continue to partner with Imaging CoE, assisting them in raising global awareness and understanding of their ground-breaking research. With Monash based in Australia, we have used the time difference to our advantage, allowing us to carry out work while our clients are sleeping. This flexible way of working has been highly advantageous to the partnership.

“We have admired the way in which Research Media helps to translate complex scientific information into engaging summaries. We recognise the importance of effective communication of our research outputs, and this complementary partnership will enable us to raise global awareness and understanding of the ground-breaking research we are undertaking to help ward off infection and disease.”

Director, Imaging CoE