Building trust and encouraging advocacy

IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing (IOP) is a leading STM society publisher. Having secured an introductory meeting, we learnt that the IOP was seeking to build awareness of what they do and demonstrate why customers should advocate and trust in their products, staff, and service. Additionally, they were seeking to clearly communicate their recently defined mission, vision and values.

Through in-depth discussion we determined that the development of a new corporate showreel would be the most suitable vehicle for achieving these goals. We designed and developed an engaging 2.5 minute animation, telling the story of IOP at a company level, while showcasing the company’s products, their partner relationships and their global footprint.

Targeting a wide-ranging audience that comprises librarians, authors, readers, partners and funding bodies, the showreel has been used at conferences and exhibitions; at events and in presentations, as well as playing in the main reception of the IOP offices in Bristol, UK.

Allowing for more targeted sharing to specific audience groups, two edited versions of the same reel were also produced, focusing on the distinct subject areas of biosciences and materials. 

during Peer Review Week 2016, this animation achieved in excess of 500 views and led to significant engagement across social media

Following the success of the animations produced, the IOP commissioned a further reel aimed at early career researchers. The goal was to share ten top tips for being a good reviewer. Used during Peer Review Week 2016, this animation achieved in excess of 500 views and led to significant engagement across social media.

Further developing our partnership, we crafted reviewer profiles for the winners of the IOP Publishing Reviewer Awards 2016. Carrying out interviews directly with each reviewer, we composed 250 word free-flowing profile pieces for publishing on the IOP website. Each piece was written to promote the individual reviewer, while recognising their contribution both to the specific journal and to the IOP.

“We required a new corporate showreel to display at large international conferences such as Frankfurt Book Fair but also to run on a loop in our reception. Having been impressed by the creative outputs that we had previously seen from Research Media, we contacted them to see whether they may be able to help. They offered a consultative approach to the creation of the showreel, always ensuring that they adhered to our brand guidelines. They visited our offices, took a lot of time to fully understand our needs, so that even from the initial draft, they were very much in line with what we had envisaged. They really added value to the project and ultimately delivered a fantastic animated reel that we are really proud of.”

Head of Marketing,
IOP Publishing