Driving donations to beat dementia


Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) is the UK’s leading research charity aimed at defeating dementia. As our nominated charity for 2015, we approached ARUK with an offer to create a series of outputs that would illustrate the reach and impact of their funding. The goal was to clearly communicate the difference donor contributions make in helping drive progress in research.

Our first project was the creation of a brochure that promoted the launch of the Drug Discovery Alliance. Encompassing three flagship Drug Discovery Institutes at the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and UCL (University College London), the Alliance translates promising academic research through the early stages of drug discovery.

We ensured clarity of crucial information throughout, avoided complex language and data, and employed a clean look and feel

With a goal of raising £30m to maintain the running of the Alliance over five years, the brochure was aimed at philanthropists and charitable trusts that were likely to be able to donate to the charity at a high level. We ensured clarity of crucial information throughout, avoided complex language and data, and employed a clean look and feel. A primary focus was to enable easy access to the facts.

Since its launch, the brochure has helped to support very positive discussions with potential donors around the work of the Drug Discovery Alliance.

After completing the brochure, we were asked to expand on the graphic treatment we had created, and produce a suite of 11 infographics. The intention was to showcase the breadth of ARUK’s research and complement their existing bank of success stories.

The infographics informed potential donors whilst thanking those already secured, and helped ARUK explain the precise ways in which their research is changing lives. Although we worked with complex data, we transformed and translated the information into engaging and eye-catching infographics that created a sense of positivity, enthusiasm and community.

The infographics have been designed for use in newsletters, in presentations and online.

“Alzheimer’s Research UK started working with Research Media at the end of 2015 and since then they’ve completed a brochure for us, as well as a suite of infographics. They are very committed to understanding the brief and motivated to deliver it, as well as being flexible to changes as the projects evolve. Some of the work they completed for us involved the representation of complex data, which they did incredibly well. The resulting material is creative and engaging, and the team provide a very personal account management service. I would recommend their work to others in the sector.”

Head of Communications and Engagement,
Alzheimer’s Research UK