About Us

We provide a range of design, editorial and marketing services to create clarity from complexity

Research Media was founded in 2009. Working with academics across the globe, we began to make their research relatable and accessible for non-specialist audiences. In 2013, we became part of Emerald Group – the global knowledge business that brings research to life. Today, we are a creative agency that focuses on designing new dialogue in research communication.

We provide a range of design, editorial and marketing services to create clarity from complexity and make research resonate through bespoke, creative and personal outputs.

With a highly talented team of in-house designers and editors, we translate the language of research to fuel engagement – uniting research, policy and practice and opening the doors to broad engagement and accessibility.

We go on a creative journey with our clients to ensure that what we deliver goes above and beyond expectation.


We are curious about our clients. We want to find out about you, your community, your environment and the challenges you face.


Once we understand what you are trying to achieve and have the necessary context, we begin to explore the potential solutions together. Above anything, our clients need to be happy with our proposals, so we will unearth your story and highlight the salient, most interesting aspects of it. We will offer suggestions and a range of options.


Our findings inform what we create for you. All of our products are tailored to you and your requirements – it is the only way of ensuring complete satisfaction. We focus on providing excellent value without compromising quality.

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The Team

Vicky Williams


Vicky has over 15 years’ industry experience in scholarly publishing. She has grown company portfolios through product launch and acquisition and has developed a range of global strategic partnerships. Outside of work, Vicky enjoys travelling, experiencing new cultures, and the arts.