The infographic enables me to communicate my research in a brief and innovative manner via multiple media. Being able to email it to stakeholders or tweet about it helps me engage with audiences more difficult to reach otherwise.

Cristian Gherhes, University of Sheffield, Research Media PhD Portfolio competition winner, Research Subject - Micro-business Growth Constraints in Peripheral Post-industrial Towns and Implications for Economic Resilience

As part of our ongoing strategic partnership, Research Media produced a host of exceptionally well-designed outputs for the ARMA Annual Conference and award ceremony, helping to reflect our bold and creative vision for supporting UK research managers and administrators.

Research Media’s design team created a real step change in the quality and range of conference material we were able to provide for attendees this year. Their work has added inventiveness and modernity into our branding, pointing us in the right direction for the future. We’re really looking forward to working with Research Media on next year’s conference in Birmingham.

Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Executive, Association of Research Managers and Administrators,

We had worked with Research Media on a number of occasions when they won the tender to create our 30th Anniversary Report – and so we already knew that the copywriting team they retain in-house is excellent. The proposal they put forward for this complex project outclassed renowned UK communication agencies for a competitive budget.

During the process of working on the report, we were also impressed by the abilities of their design and editorial teams and by their skilful project management: taking a proactive role when appropriate. It made the whole undertaking simple and straightforward from end to end. The team were always willing to discuss our exact requirements with us, and went to great lengths to ensure that we got what we wanted. We are delighted with the finished product, which truly reflects the broad scope and proud history of EUREKA– and we look forward to working with Research Media again in the future.

Piotr Pogorzelski, Communications Officer, EUREKA,

I entered the competition driven by the desire to raise awareness on the issue of business ethics and significance of local values and beliefs on organisational ethical practices. Taking part in this competition was one step further in the right direction. Overall, my experience with Research Media has been outstanding.

Petya Koleva, University of Bedfordshire, Research Media PhD Portfolio competition winner, Research Subject - Corporate Social Responsibility in the Middle Eastern countries